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Olly Sherman Shezz

A question on all of our minds these recent weeks has been whether or not the gritty, dark, role of batman and be portrayed by . I for one say "give him a chance" as I plead to online readers to stop harassing the poor guy.

Since the recent casting of Affleck as Batman many people have been slating him for his shocking role in 2003 as Daredevil, and I too agree that you cant get much worse as far as superhero movies go, but I believe Batman will be his chance to redeem himself. Personally I believe the online 'banter' will only fuel his determination to be the best Batman he can be, pulling out all the stops to give a surprise to the online frenzy.

Although, its common for movie followers to jump the gun on how they think an actor is going to do in a movie, I will use for example the late and great . Cast to be the Joker in 2008s The Dark Knight he was punished with hate comments and awful opinions on The Warner Bro's decision to be this character, exceeding all expectations when giving the best visual performance a superhero movie has seen and to this day remains the greatest portrayal of the 'Joker' Character ever (in my opinion).

So what I'm trying to say is, could this be another repeat of Heath Ledgers actions, shocking all and leaving us speechless? I for one believe he has it in him.

Good luck to you Affleck!

What do you think of the casting of Batfleck? Let us know in the comments bellow.

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