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If didn't become a moviemaker, he probably would have made a pretty good spy. He is famously known for releasing very little information about his projects, even when faced with the most intrusive movie news interrogator. He wouldn't even divulge what the themes of his upcoming space opera epic, Star Trek Into Darkness, would be. He told Crave Online:

"There's nothing worse for me than reading what the theme of a book is or a movie and then reading it and being like: that's the theme. The theme is you feel it... I do think that by default this a deeper movie. It's certainly a bigger movie because the first one was kind of the origin story which is great because it's so easy. You just introduce people and yet now they know each other so it has to go deeper."

We have, however, managed to extract one vital piece of information regarding this highly anticipated project. Ever since his casting as the villain, there has been much speculation about the role would play. Many thought he'd be playing Gary Mitchell, while the most recent trailer showed Cumberbatch looking very Khan-esque. Abram's stuck to the script, announcing Cumberbatch will play a completely new character called John Harrison, an average guy who eventually turns against Starfleet. Whoever he plays, Abrams is confident he did a brilliant job. He explained:

"I just can’t wait for people to see the movie. Benedict is unbelievable. It’s a tall order, coming into that movie, because the crew of the Enterprise, that cast is so damn good and they’re wonderful to work with and they’re all good hearts. So, to come into that group, as he did, as Alice Eve did and as Peter Weller did, and be one of the family was something that I was doubtful could happen. And he completely did it. I not only love him in the movie, but I love him, as a human being. He’s an amazing guy. I can’t wait for people to see the movie and experience what he’s done."

Despite this announcement, many still believe Harrison is a new version of Khan. One reason concerns a scene in the new trailer which is very similar to a scene in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. When asked about this, Abrams remained typically secretive:

"Well, I would say that you've got to see the movie to see. I don't want to give away what that is, but we've all seen Wrath of Khan. With one or two exceptions, we're not idiots. We are aware of the movie. I love Wrath of Khan."

And what about the potential for a third film? Well, Abrams has revealed that's up to you. Yes, I mean YOU Michael! (Sorry, that was just to freak out any Michaels reading this article). Abrams explained, that although the studio bosses seem game for a Star Trek Beyond, he's waiting for the audience response:

"I'm sure that the studio would love that to be a possibility but it's up to the audience to decide if there needs to be one...There are things we've talked about but there's no script or anything, it’s just ideas."

I don't know how Abrams manages it, but he's able to get me incredibly excited with only the tiniest piece of information. How about you? Are you excited to find out Cumberbatch's villainous role, and do you think he is actually an updated version of the infamous Khan? Get voting and commenting below!

Star Trek Into Darkness stars , , , , and . It will be boldly going into theaters on May 17.


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