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Warning: This post contains spoilers from Arrow Season 5!

Now that we've all officially met Detective Billy Malone, Felicity Smoak's new boyfriend, the rumors have started to swirl. And everyone is asking the same question: can he be trusted?

It's understandable that we wouldn't automatically believe this guy is on the up and up. Newcomers to Star City have a bad habit of being evil, i.e., Slade Wilson, Damien Darhk, Ruve Adams and Tobias Church to name a few. It's a long and not particularly distinguished list.

Enter Billy Malone in the first episode of Season 5. No one has ever heard or seen this man before. To our knowledge, he hasn't lived in Star City, which already makes him an outsider. On top of that, with everything that has gone on in Star City in the past four years, why would anyone voluntarily move there unless they had an agenda?

Again, I refer you to the list of baddies in the first paragraph. So you can see why suspicion is on the rise for Billy Malone.

Is He Prometheus?

Along with the arrival of Billy Malone, there is the newly-arrived Prometheus, and sites and fans are wondering if the two are one. For me, it seems too convenient that Star City would hire a new detective who just happens to want to kill Oliver. That doesn't mean it isn't possible. Although the powers that be have said there would be no magic this season, there are myriad ways to infiltrate Star City as we've seen over the years.

Still, when Malone met with the Green Arrow to warn him about Prometheus's threats, he seemed genuine — whereas, in the past, when a person is evil, we've caught a glimpse of how dangerous they can be early on. So while I don't believe Malone is this season's greatest evil, I don't necessarily think he's completely on the level.

Or Is He A Pawn In Prometheus's Plan?

Even if Malone isn't Prometheus, that doesn't means he's completely in the to-be-trusted category. It's possible he could be the enemy's right hand man. Remember Slade Wilson's stooge, Sebastian Blood, in Season 2 of Arrow? In my opinion, that would make him even more dangerous than Prometheus, as not only is he already close to Felicity, but he's angling to meet her friends.

Prometheus seems to know the Green Arrow personally, and I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't already knows that Oliver Queen is behind the mask. To that end, wouldn't it make sense that Prometheus would have his lackey get close to Oliver's ex-girlfriend? Yes, it sounds very conspiratorial, but that doesn't lessen the possibility. And quite frankly, it's difficult to trust that a character who appears out of the blue is one of the good guys. We've been burned too many times before.

It's certainly possible Malone isn't connected to Prometheus at all, and his backstory will play out over the season. With Quentin Lance out of the police department, writers may have thought another cop was necessary.

But there is one thing we have learned about Arrow: rarely are extraneous characters kept around very long. So if Billy Malone isn't meant to be a series regular, we'll know soon enough. In the meantime, we'll just hope Felicity doesn't fall too hard for this cop.

Do you think Malone can be trusted?