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Whenever an actor is cast in a superhero project, fans are always ready to dissect the actor to the fullest extent. Before the movie or series even begins shooting, social media accounts are flooded with messages of support or dislike for the actor or actress in question. With so much pressure so early on, it's very important for the casting director to look at every aspect of the actor to make sure that he or she truly embodies the character before choosing them.

This is even more important for characters who have certain "features" that have always been admired by the general population. And it's a fact universally acknowledged that DC 's resident acrobat turned vigilante has a particularly nice asset of his own. I'm talking of course, about his much loved behind.

Can you blame for getting distracted, Dick? [Credit: DC Comics]
Can you blame for getting distracted, Dick? [Credit: DC Comics]

has long since been hailed as one of DC's most attractive characters, a fact that comic writers and artists never tried to deny. When it comes to the fanbase though, Dick's good looks and charming personality have always taken a back seat to something his fans love even more: his ass. With countless blogs and even an upcoming statue created as an homage to Nightwing's butt, one can say that the former sidekick's hot derriere is easily his best feature.

And with the announcement of the Titans web series, fans had been patiently waiting to see who would take up the mantle of Bludhaven's baton wielding defender. So, as soon as DC confirmed that Aussie actor will be the one to don the spandex, fans quickly turned to Google to check if he did in fact have the butt of their dreams.

The Stats:

As you can see, Google trends in the past few days indicates how fans descended onto the search engine to see if Thwaites really was the right butt, sorry, fit for the part. This really highlights how strongly comic book fans take their live action adaptations even when it comes to TV series. Bear in mind, a movie based on the character is also in development. And given how thoroughly the fans are looking into Thwaites, one has to wonder how that will intensify for whoever is cast in the Nightwing movie, given the scope of the upcoming project.

Although at this point it isn't confirmed if the show will have Grayson wearing the Nightwing costume or the one, but these trends clearly show how many fans have an affinity for Nightwing, given how he's the one whose rear end is so widely appreciated. Nightwing has been long known as a character who has "the most famous ass in comics", a remarkable feat for a male comic book character. So much so that he and his butt just made a special appearance in Gail Simone's Convergence series.

To be fair though, Nightwing is a beloved character for many reasons (his rump is just a bonus) and it's going to be up to to ensure that when Titans does premiere, Thwaites' performance captures the essence of what makes Dick Grayson so special.

What's your take on Brandon Thwaites and Nightwing's behind?

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