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OK guys, this article is going to deal with some potential spoilers for the upcoming superhero sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier so if you want your Cap experience to remain pure and innocent, you should proceed with caution from here on in.

You've been warned!

Still with me? Good, let's continue.

The title for Cap's second stand-alone movie suggests that the villain of the piece is going to be the Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers' former comrade in arms, who was turned into an assassin by those pesky Russians.

However it now seems that the Winter Soldier might not be the only guy trying to get all up in Cap's face.

At the Hasbro Marvel Panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, the toy company revealed their new Marvel Legends and movie action figures and in the process might have given away some potential spoilers concerning the bad guys in Captain America 2. One of the slideshows for the new toy line was labeled as "Movie" and featured two very familiar villainous faces.

Check it out:


That big red head on the left can only belong to one person; Red Skull. He was the main threat to Cap in the first movie and although he hasn't been confirmed for the sequel, there have been rumors floating around the web that 's character is actually the Red Skull in disguise. Could this Hasbro reveal be confirmation of that?

Additionally, if Red Skull does show up in Captain America 2 and is not Redford's character in disguise, it will be interesting to see who is cast in the role. donned the red head in the first movie but has since made it clear that he has no interest in returning for a sequel.

The dude on the right in the yellow "beekeeper" suit is a foot soldier for international terrorist organization A.I.M. They love technology, hate governments and have a pretty snazzy dress sense, so if they are also appearing in The Winter Solder, then Captain America is probably going to have a really bad day.

What do you think? Would you like to see Red Skull in The Winter Soldier? What role do you think A.I.M. will have in the movie?



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