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Matt Carter

Winter is still coming, but it could be arriving a little later that expected, as the start of production on Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been pushed back a couple of months. Thanks to a casting call for the superhero flick over at Feature Film Casting, we've learned that although filming was due to start in March, it's now been delayed until June.

Perhaps more interestingly, we've also learned that the movie's working title has been imaginatively named Freezerburn, and that Marvel Studios will conduct principal actor casting in LA and Cleveland. So, if you fancy getting up close and personal with Steve Rogers, get yourself down there.

At the moment, there's been no word from the studio if this delay in production will affect the release date, but stick close and [[follow]] the movie to get all the latest updates when they arrive.

All being well, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will hit theaters April 4, 2014.



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