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In last week's episode of Game of Thrones, "Eastwatch," Cersei Lannister continued her mission to make everyone's lives a living hell by telling her twin brother and illicit lover, Jaimie, that she was about to spawn another incestuous offspring.

Yet, from the moment she made her big reveal, fans have been heavily speculating whether the Queen was actually telling the truth. And as it stands, many seem to think that her pregnancy is one big, fat lie. So, to try and get to the bottom of this Westerosi mess, let's examine the evidence from both sides — could really be pregnant?

Yes, She's Definitely Pregnant:

1. Qyburn Gave Something To Cersei

Before she told Jaimie — who had just survived a dragon and quite frankly, probably was in urgent need of a quiet lie-down — that she was all knocked up, the episode showed us Qyburn creeping about with the Lannister queen. And before he made a swift exit, he gave her some kind of medicine after what was clearly some kind of examination. Whether it was for pain, morning sickness or, as some speculate, something to terminate her pregnancy, it was an offer she declined. Could this mean that she is really with child?

2. She Recently Banged Jaimie

This one's pretty obvious considering we saw the brother and sister furiously getting it on quite recently. Following what we know about sexual intercourse in general, we know that P in V often leads to a wailing child.

3. Her Clothes Are Getting Tighter

Finally, turning to George R. R. Martin's original text, there's a passage in A Feast for Crows that says that Cersei's garments are getting tighter:

"Her wretched washerwomen had shrunk several of her old gowns so they no longer fit. Cersei had ordered the value of the gowns deducted from the women's wages, a more elegant solution."

So, unless she's getting those calories from guzzling extra barrels of wine on the daily, there's a high chance that she's got a tiny Lannister baking in the oven. Then, fans have pointed out another part in the book in which she cracks open an egg, finding a "bloody half-formed chick inside" — an omen that could potentially foreshadow a tragic miscarriage:

"To break her fast the queen sent to the kitchens for two boiled eggs, a loaf of bread, and a pot of honey. But when she cracked the first egg and found a bloody half-formed chick inside, her stomach roiled."

She's Not Pregnant:

1. Cersei Loves To Lie

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

We all know by now that Cersei's a pathological liar. Over the course of the series, she's told fibs right, left and center to get her way so the idea of her faking this pregnancy doesn't exactly raise an eyebrow. And with Qyburn essentially being one of her right-hand men, it's not like he's unwilling to play along if his Queen urges him to.

2. She's Older

Although it's not exactly uncommon for an older woman to get pregnancy, biology states that it's not as easy to pop one out once one is past their prime, so to speak. Plus, considering all the stress she's been under — what with the deaths of her children and the on-going, rather pressing threat to the Iron Throne — her body hardly harbors optimal insemination conditions.

3. Maggy The Frog's Prophesy

Then, of course, there's the prophesy. Up until now, everything that Cersei was told by Maggy the Frog has come true, including having her three gold-haired children — Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen — all die. As we know, that's all been and gone and considering there was no mention of another Lannister offspring, it's highly likely that it's not actually on the cards.

4. She Wants To Confirm Jaimie's Allegiance To Her

In the previous episodes, time and time again, Jaimie and Cersei have come head-to-head over various issues. Not only does he tell her that he thinks their army is no match for Daenery's dragons, but he also contradicts her by saying Lady Olenna was responsible for Joffrey's death. Then, he disappoints her when he meets Tyrion in King's Landing in secret, signalling that he's growing wary of her and that his solid allegiances may be dwindling.

Ultimately, it looks like her tight grip on Jaimie is loosening. So, perhaps in a last ditch attempt to keep her brother from abandoning her, she's made up the pregnancy so he fights ever harder to protect her and their unborn child. After all, when she goes to embrace the King's Slayer in the scene, she whispers:

"Never betray me again."

Game of Thrones, Episode 6, airs next Sunday — here's the promo:

Do you think Cersei is really pregnant?


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