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Is it 's time to grab an Oscar?

It just could be! The rom-com-cum-acclaimed-dramatic-actor is having a blue streak at the moment, and he has a number of hot projects upcoming. There's 's The Wolf of Wall Street, and then next summer the lead in 's Interstellar.

But the big one that's got Oscar prognosticators talking is Dallas Buyers Club. It's the real-life story of a Texas cowboy called Ron Woodroof, who is diagnosed with HIV in in 1985 and given 30 days to live. Given no drugs to survive by a Government who hasn't worked out how to respond to the epidemic, he is forced to track treatment drugs from around the world and sets up a nefarious business, selling to a number of other outcasts (The Dallas Buyers Club of the title). Check out the trailer below:

So, Matty McC is looking rather good in this role, dont'cha think? Also, does he not look strangely a lot like 's Commissioner Gordon from Nolan's Batman trilogy? However, I can't help but think 's prospects as his transvestite sidekick is just as good (if most likely in the supporting category). It's a very eye-catching role. Both are going out-of-type for the role, and we know how much the Academy likes that. A good chance at accolades? At this point, i'll put them both their chances at a smokin' HOT.

Anyway, this isn't Philadelphia. It's lighter, funnier and looks like it takes its subject matter in a pretty darn interesting direction. The idea of tackling the AIDS epidemic issue in this way is genuinely quite subversive, rather than looking at it in the Doomsday manner of other movies. Here's a poster for one of Fall's hot tickets to check out:

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