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Ahh, Daryl Dixon. His mad arrow shooting skillz makes archer supreme Katniss Everdeen look like a helpless little bunny rabbit. Yes, I'm aware that Katniss has a bow and Daryl has a crossbow, but you catch my drift - Daryl Dixon is one tough motherbleeper.

Thing is, his crossbow is a bit of a tricky weapon. Sure, great for picking off walkers one by one, but what would happen if Daryl ever ran into a whole bunch of walkers? Would he stick to his crossbow? Or shaken, would he opt for another weapon entirely? has recently speculated that Daryl Dixon could be swapping his crossbow for something with a little more oomph in The Walking Dead Season 4.

We already know that the zombie threat is being upped in Season 4. previously said in an interview with Sirius XM, 'They've introduced a way to make zombies scary again and they're terrifying. The new threat is just unreal. I can't of course tell you what that is, but it's brilliant writing.'

Jeepers! Call me a cowardly custard, but I thought the zombies were still pretty scary ok, the zombies are going to be tougher. And I'm going to be hiding behind my sofa watching the next series.

Norman Reedus has previously told Comic Book Men's Kevin Smith that the problem with a crossbow is the need to reload the weapon if there are a bunch of things to shoot at in front of him. Norman Reedus said, 'Yeah, it's a fun weapon, and everybody looks cool holding a crossbow. It's not a M-16.'

Finally, argued that since Norman Reedus had recently tweeted the video of himself doing some target shooting at a gun range with what looks to be (dun, dun duhhhhhhhhh!) a M-16 machine gun, that this could be Reedus practicing for an upcoming scene in Season 4 of The Walking Dead.


You guys, while Norman Reedus does indeed seem like the sort of badass that goes to a gun range just for the hell of it (not necessarily because he's practicing for a part), who shoots a machine gun at a gun range? Similarly, if the zombies are more terrifying (and maybe even faster?) a crossbow's going to be tricky if that's Daryl's only defence. So as much as the above does kind of feel like a series of faintly tenuous theories, I'm one more blurry video of Norman Reedus at a gun range away from believing this.

What do you think? Is this too tenuous to be true, or is it a genuine possibility? Sound off below!


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