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Even though they've been broken up for months, it seems like people still can't stop talking about and . And it seems like they can't stop thinking about each other, too.

Even though Rob's been steadily seeing up and coming actress Dylan Penn (famously 's daughter), sources say it's actually making him miss Kristen more, according to Hollywood Life:

Rob is simply not over Kristen. He misses her. He misses their friendship. Rob likes Dylan, but spending time with her has actually made him miss Kristen even more.

Rob knows Kristen is back home [from filming] but he hasn't seen her yet. I know he wants to see her, but just doesn't know how to approach her since he is the one who cut off the communication.

He just needs to not worry about what other people think and listen to his intuition.

Don't feel too bad for Dylan, though. The source also claims she has been getting spooked off at the prospect of the crazy attention she'd attract if she were to be Rob's steady girlfriend:

She doesn't want to be known as Rob's girlfriend. She's afraid to get serious with him and lose her privacy.

Can't say I blame the girl. It doesn't even seem like Rob wants to be living the life under the spotlight he leads, let alone asking someone else to undergo the same scrutiny.


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