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Having been forgotten about since 2008, it now sounds like Silver Linings Playbook director 's Accidental Love might finally be moving along.

RopesOfSilicon has recently reported that the political-satire-turned-romantic-comedy, has just received a PG-13 "for sexual contact and language." The movie, starring , , , and , centers on a waitress (Biel) who accidentally gets shot in the head with a nail. As you do. She goes to Washington on a crusade to fight for the rights of the weirdly injured, but gets taken advantage of by a slimy congressman (Gyllenhaal).

Russell wrote the script with Kristen Gore, but production eventually shut down completely due to some financial disagreements, with a few scenes, including the one where Biel gets nailed in the head, not totally in the can.

With the movie's new rating now having been made official, it looks like Nailed was finished at some point, though how whoever finished it worked around that missing scene is a bit of a mystery...

How does this David O. Russell's latest project sound to you?



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