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Over the past few episodes of Teen Wolf, Scott's pack has hit several obstacles on their mission to stop the murderous Anuk-Ite. After being released from the Wild Hunt, the fear monster wasted no time in harassing Scott's pack mercilessly by turning everyone against them. Now, the Anuk-Ite has a grip on the town's people, triggering a wave of fear that has spread like a epidemic.

Even the strong-willed, like Chris Argent and Peter Hale, are susceptible to the fear monster's influence. These two are among of the show's strongest willed characters, yet they both crumpled under the might of the Anuk-Ite's power, proving just how effective it really is on both werewolves and humans alike. Hopefully Scott's pack figures out a solution to stop the Anuk-Ite before its too late, because the show is swiftly approaching its end.

'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]
'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]

In light of the Anuk-Ite cornering them, Scott's pack has been left with no other option than to ask some very unconventional people for help, namely Deucalion. Scott wouldn't consider asking the Demon Wolf for help unless the circumstances became so dire he had to recruit killers into his cause, but this is how high the stakes have risen.

Werewolves of London

When Scott meets with Deucalion in Episode 17: "Werewolves of London", their meeting doesn't go as planned. They don't duke it out, but the former Alpha pack leader refuses to help Scott kill his enemies. Deucalion goes on to explain that he's a changed man and can't do what Scott wants him to and offers guidance instead. Though, we're still left not knowing how Deucalion will guide Scott through his final fight, it's safe to assume he was brought back for a reason.

'Teen Wolf'  [Credit: MTV]
'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]

Gideon Emery, the actor who plays Deucalion is also listed for roles in both Episodes 19 and 20 on IMDB, adding more evidence to claims that he will play a pivotal role in the conclusion of Teen Wolf.

Deucalion is so unpredictable, it's almost impossible to tell what his role will be in these final three episodes. He could genuinely intend to help Scott's pack, or he may have ulterior motives behind the unassuming generosity. His checkered past makes it extremely difficult to get a good read on him, but if we take a look at some of his darker moments, we might be able to grasp onto what he's really after.

During the Alpha pack debacle of Season 3, Deucalion led a misguided mission for revenge that transformed him into a bloodthirsty monster by the end. Deucalion was wronged at one point, but it was no excuse for the pile of corpses he left in his wake. Not only that, but his willingness to consume the life-force of his own kin just to make himself stronger shows what he has become. With that known, Deucalion's past as a power hungry killer gives us reason enough to believe he'll make a play to obtain more power for himself, and the only untapped source is Scott's power of the True Alpha.

'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]
'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]

Does Deucalion Want Scott's True Alpha Abilities?

Even if the underlying reason behind Deucalion's eagerness to help is a drive at Scott's power, he probably won't be able to take it from him anyway. The Teen Wolf series hasn't directly affirmed this notion, but the supposed rules around the True Alpha is that its powers can only be transferred to a beta of the original True Alpha, meaning only Liam could take that power from Scott. However, Deucalion has shown that his technique for stealing werewolf power from others works on Alphas as well, meaning he could essentially use the same technique on Scott. If that's the case, he wouldn't become a True Alpha, but he'd likely double his strength. All things said, it's difficult to imagine Scott giving up the power so easily.

Unless all bets are off the table, and there's no chance Scott's pack will survive their encounter with the Anuk-Ite and Gerard's army, Scott probably won't consider giving up the his Alpha power. He'd have to be out completely out of options, with no choice but to kill, and then he may consider giving up his Alpha power to Deucalion to do the dirty work for him. Then again, Scott is a smart kid, he'd probably come to the realization of Deucalion being more equipped to handle the situation before it puts everyone's lives in danger, which would lead to him offering up his Alpha strength to Deucalion in exchange for his help in killing Gerard and the hunters.

'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]
'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]

It may not make sense right now, but in the grand scheme of things, Deucalion is probably the only one who can stop the Anuk-Ite. He possesses the skills needed to stop supernaturals of that level, as is evident by his defeat of Jennifer Blake, the Darich, as well as his assistance with the Beast of Gevaudan.

Those victories prove how capable he is, backing up claims that Deucalion is the only person around who can stop the Anuk-Ite—with the exception of Jordan Parish. Some would say Peter Hale stands on par with them too, but he's no longer an Alpha and wouldn't last too long in a fight with a Hellhound or the Anuk-Ite.

Deucalion seems like the only werewolf capable of ending the Anuk-Ite's reign of terror for good. He just needs Scott's power to accomplish that. The question is, will Scott give it to him, or will he have to fight him for it?

Do you think Scott will give up his power to Deucalion in the end? And how do you think the final episodes will conclude? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Teen Wolf airs Sundays on MTV.


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