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Hollywood loves nothing more than a mega-successful franchise. Those films that pull in the big bucks year-after-year. No risks, just reward.

Anyway, we said our tearful goodbyes to Harry Potter and Twilight and then The Hunger Games has filled the void successfully, but that's not enough. The studios want another franchise to bottom out the rest of the decade, and enthrall teens the world over.

So, it's time to say welcome to Divergent. The trailer for this one dropped just last night and I must say: it was a veritable doozy of a strategy by their marketing team. They premiered it at the VMA's. Yes, the VMA's. The awards show that gets hyped-to-the-hills every year, and garners teenage viewers by the bucketload. And who is Divergent looking to hook? TEENS. Smart move guys.

Anyway, the trailer is below for your viewing pleasure:

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My first thought? This could be a hit. I know Hollywood's currently smarting as supposed blockbusters are falling from the skies, but unlike The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (or other failed franchise-starters, hi Eragon), Divergent looks just that bit more identifiable. Okay, it's got the same dystopian evil government thing going on like The Hunger Games, and a cute lil' teen romance against the odds in the middle of it. It's not really breaking the mould. But I'm genuinely intrigued by the premise on display. Also, is ready to break out after The Descendants, and this could be the ticket (a'la after Winter's Bone with The Hunger Games).

And doing her best totalitarian-chic-overlord thing? Truly terrifying.

I can't wait. March 21 2014 can't come soon enough! How about you guys? Get in touch below with your opinions on the trailer!



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