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A certain Doctor has been generating a huge amount of internet buzz over the last few weeks and I'm not talking about the foppish Brit with a passion for time travel, or the foppish Brit who talks with an America accent and cures people of their bizarre medical conditions.

No, I'm talking about Doctor Strange, the flamboyantly-dressed magician with excellent facial hair. He's set to make his big-screen debut in Phase Three of Marvel's continuing quest for cinematic domination and over the past few days we've had rumors of release dates for the movie and some potentially massive spoilers concerning the good Doctor's origin story.

It seems that we might have underestimated just how important this guy is going to be for Marvel and the future of the MCU, as one source close to the project is claiming that Marvel is looking for Doctor Strange to replace Iron Man as the studio's flagship character. Here's what the source had to say to ComicBookMovie:

What I can say is that Strange is being groomed to be the next Iron Man. The studio needs a new 'hub' character going into Phase 3 and beyond, as there is audience fatigue, aging stars and a need to move from Tony Stark/Iron Man as a 'hub' for films.

While the idea of Strange being "groomed" creates all sorts of weird images in my mind, you have to admit that its a bold move by Marvel to put all their eggs in a Strange-shaped basket. Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange is not the first name that jumps out at you when you think about a character anchoring the MCU, but at the same time Iron Man was also a gamble when the studio decided he would be the main man back in 2008. That the character became so popular had a lot to do with the casting of the charismatic as Tony Stark, so I feel that they will have to get the casting of Doctor Strange absolutely right if they are to have the same success this time round.

Stick close to Moviepilot because with the San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner and Marvel expected to make some huge announcements, we should be getting a lot more info on Doctor Strange in the coming weeks.

What say you? Can Doctor Strange become Marvel's flagship character? And you do you think should be cast in the role?

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