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There are a few infallible truths of the internet: 1.) Rule 34 and 2.) If there is a rumor to be started, no matter how impossible, the internet will make it happen. So it didn't surprise me much when I heard rumblings, via Cinema Blend, that James Bond classic Dr. No might be getting the 3D treatment.

(Author's note: I initially read it as "Dr. Who" when glancing at the title and almost fell off the couch in excitement.)

(Author's note...uh, again: Yes, I write from my couch. I'm professional like that.)

First up, the Taiwanese release of the Blu-Ray, which Bleeding Cool reports not only has the standard 2D fare, but some 3D conversation as well. Moviefone also has a link to an IMAX version of the first of the 23 current James Bond flicks. Granted, that's literally it - there are no other details, such as release date or official poster.

It would be somewhat strange for Dr. No, as the first and oldest of all the James Bond films, to be converted to 3D, seeing as how it's the least advanced regarding the technology used to film it. On the other hand, Hollywood loves nothing more than a promotional gimmick, and with the franchise turning 50 last year and the incredible success of Skyfall, it's the perfect time to capitalize on James Bond fervor.


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