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Game of Thrones sure has been a rollercoaster ride of excitement lately. Long lost characters reunited, never-ending witty banter, the most bad-ass dragon carnage we've ever seen. Everything seems to be coming up for the show's fan-favorites — which can mean only one thing: Someone we love is about to die.

Game of Thrones has been a seven season-long lesson in detachment, and it's been quite some time since fans have collectively grieved the loss of a significant character (and no, Dickon doesn't count). An important death is well overdue.

While some are waging their bets that one of the White Walker Bounty Hunter Squad will soon meet their demise, there's been some big hints that the next character to die might not be human at all.

That's right: Daenerys might be about to lose one of her beloved scaly children. Let's take a look at the evidence:

Dragons North Of The Wall?

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

If you watched the trailer for next week's , then you might have noticed (just like Redditor NachoDipper did) a hell of a lot of fire surrounding the Army of the Dead — perhaps much more than Beric's flaming sword is able to muster. Could those flames be the doing of a dragon?

While we know all three of Daenerys' dragons are safe at Dragonstone, they might not all be hanging around for long. Remember that touching moment between Jon and Drogon last episode? It's possibly Drogon will sense Jon (a Targaryen) is in trouble and come to his rescue — just like when he saved Daenerys in Season 5, Episode 9.

How Will Drogon Die?

Drogon may have survived the underwhelming sting of Cersei's Scorpion, but there's something else that may prove to be his undoing.

Redditor CLEARS_THAT_UP pointed out that giants are capable of causing some epic destruction by throwing spears. And who happens to have a few giants at their disposal? The Army of the Dead.

Drogon — or either of his siblings — might find themselves defenseless against the power of an undead giant. And if the Night King does manage to take out a dragon, then that means we could very well see a major theory come true.

Will Drogon Join The Army Of The Dead?

If one of Daenerys' dragons dies in battle against the Army of the Dead, he'll almost definitely be joining them post-mortem. This would confirm the long-running Ice Dragon theory. While the legendary Ice Dragon is said to reside inside the wall, a zombified dragon could very well break right through the wall. Uh-oh.

Not to mention this would also match up with a related theory: that the Night King could become one of three dragon riders.

Season 7, Episode 4 showed us just how unstoppable Daenerys' dragons can be in battle. But what hope would she have at winning the war if one of those dragons is used against her?

Do you think the Ice Dragon theory is about to come true?


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