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It looks like there's "snow" place like home as Game of Thrones heads into its penultimate episode of the jaw-dropping Season 7. So far we have had nautical nonsense, poisonous partings, and blazing BBQs, but it looks like the action is heading north of the Wall for a snowy showdown some seven years in the making.

If you remembering back to the start of the season, our disfigured Sandor Clegane saw a vision in the flames that foreshadowed a grim future. Away from 's premiere ponderings, The Sound saw the 's army of the dead marching where the Wall meets the sea. Clegane also saw a mountain shaped like an arrow, which we just so happened to glimpse in the promo for Episode 6. However, in the wintery depths of the North, did anyone spot that we are returning to a rather dangerous locale in the next episode?

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With some eagle-eyed scouting, redditor RKRagan noticed the almost identical backdrop of the arrow-shaped mountain and the place where those impish Children of the Forest created the world's first White Walker, a.k.a. the Night King.

[Credit: RKRagan/HBO]
[Credit: RKRagan/HBO]

We have already seen Season 7 of the show become a veritable Easter Egg hunt of callbacks and returning faces, but what does this mean, if anything at all?

It could just be an icy nod to the history of the White Walkers, or it could suggest that we are preparing for another big reveal about our abominable snowmen. Season 6's "The Door" revealed the rather tragic backstory of how the Night King became the horned zombie we have come to fear. Actor Vladimir Furdik was seen tied to a tree as Leaf and her mischievous band of forest friends plunged a dragonglass dagger into his chest. Furdik is once again reprising his role as the Night King, while the promo for Episode 6 implies that he will be getting plenty of screen time.

Clearly times have changed since the Children of the Forest occupied this lush greenery, and winter seems to have been particularly harsh beyond the Wall. Also, now would be the perfect time for the NK to whip out that handy Horn of Winter to bring down the Wall or recruit his own ice dragon to his cause. It would definitely be poignant if Jon Snow and his "Snow Men" attempted to capture a wight at the very place they were conceived, or that it is here that the Night King's army manages to cross into the land of men.

Episode 6 seems to pretty Night King-centric, and given that we know literally nothing about the show's ultimate villain, we could be on the cusp of another Bran vision to flesh out the character. That being said, maybe we should just leave the Night King as the glacial dictator who remains a mysterious force of evil. While the Season 6 reveal gave us more information on the plight of the , the problem is, if we humanize them too much, they have a danger of losing arctic allure. One thing is for sure though, that arrow mountain sure looks familiar, and we should probably remember that nothing is ever left as coincidence on Game of Thrones.

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