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  • who is probably best known for playing Zoe in 's Firefly but is absolutely A-grade at every role that's ever been thrown her way (yes, including The Vampire Diaries) - finally gave her opinion on the fan campaigns demanding that she be cast in a much-talked-about but not-really-in-the-works Wonder Woman movie.

In an interview with Vulture, Torres revealed that she is 100% still up for playing the Amazonian princess:

You know, she is a superhero that has been a part of my life since I can remember, and it is incredibly gratifying and heartwarming and wonderful that this campaign continues to have a life — even though it might be maybe three or four people that are keeping it alive. [Big laugh.] I love them! I don't know how realistic it is. Of course I would love to do that. Who wouldn't in their right mind? And why not? Well, there are all kinds of reasons why not. But yes, it is a fantasy. And it's a hoot. It's a hoot that every now and then, all these years go by, and people are still thinking that I could do that; I could make that wonderful and they will come and see it. I can't even tell you how that feels.

Clearly, with a number of younger actresses expressing interest in the role - who would be better suited to carrying the franchise on indefinitely - Gina isn't holding out much hope. That is, if the role even appears anytime soon. But it's awesome to know that she appreciates us fans who want this to happen. And you never know, maybe she'll get lucky...


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