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Warning: Spoilers for Girlboss Season 1 ahead!

Despite the fact that Netflix original series Girlboss was only recently released, it seems probable that many Netflix users have already steadily worked their way through all 13 episodes of Season 1.

is a loose (real loose) retelling of the real life tale of entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, who began selling vintage clothing on eBay store Nasty Gal, eventually launching her own website and clothing brand.

Season 1 of the show follows Sophia (Britt Robertson) as she goes from a self-interested college dropout to a successful career woman, after realizing her knack for vintage shopping and sniffing out a good deal could become a viable business. But with Season 1 only taking us through the launch of, there's definitely still a lot more of Sophia's story left to tell, and the question on our lips is whether or not there'll be a Girlboss Season 2.

Unfortunately in terms of official announcements, there has been no confirmation that another season is in the works. However, Netflix seem to renew all of their original series (with the exception of limited series) for at least a second season, which bodes well for the chances of Girlboss Season 2.

What looks even better for Girlboss is the fact that there is so much more to Sophia Amoruso's story than just the launch of her website. So what storylines could future seasons of Girlboss revolve around? Take a look.

Nasty Gal's Amazing First Few Years

[Credit: Karen Ballard/Netflix]
[Credit: Karen Ballard/Netflix]

After moving off eBay and starting her own website in 2008, Amoruso and Nasty Gal turned over more than $220,000 in 2008. The following year the company moved into a warehouse in Berkeley, but soon had to expand to an even bigger space in Emeryville. Ultimately, in 2010 the company moved to Los Angeles. Matching Nasty Gal's increasing work spaces were the ever increasing revenue, which in 2011 reached almost $24 million.

Sophia's ADD

Something that wasn't covered at all in Season 1 was the fact that in real life, Sophia was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) at a young age. This was something that contributed to her floater lifestyle for sometime, but also really helped when Nasty Gal was growing at such a fast pace. While Season 1 did show Sophia as a frantic ball of energy, perhaps next season her ADD could be explained as both a blessing and curse.

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Expansion To Her Own Brand & Stores

[Credit: Karen Ballard/Netflix]
[Credit: Karen Ballard/Netflix]

Although the entire Nasty Gal empire was grown online selling vintage clothing, it eventually evolved to a clothing brand of its own. After this runaway success, in 2014 the company opened its first actual store in LA, stocking its own brand as well as apparel from other designers.

Nasty Gal's Struggles

Although the story of Amoruso and Nasty Gal are undoubtedly a crazy success story, there have also been troubled periods. In January 2015, Amoruso made the decision to step down as CEO of the company, after she felt that she lacked the experience to make an effective CEO. Then in November 2016 the company filled for bankruptcy, and was bought by BooHoo group in February 2017.

But bankruptcy wasn't the only trouble, with several lawsuits being filed against the company by former employees in 2015. Among the suits, two former employees claimed that they were let go from the company for being pregnant, while another was fired while in advanced kidney failure, and was promised six months of healthcare, which the company let lapse. There were also reports of the company being a toxic work environment, with much of the blame placed at the feet of new CEO, Sheree Waterson.

[Credit: Netflix]
[Credit: Netflix]

These are just some of the real life stories of Nasty Gal which Netflix could expand on if the series were to receive a second season — not to mention the fact that the series is a "real loose" retelling of Amoruso's story, so could be bulked up with many more fictional arcs (more Gail please!). However, with Netflix tending to wait until the buzz of a new series dies down before announcing further seasons, it seems like we might have to wait a couple of months for confirmation either way.

Did you enjoy Season 1 of Girlboss?

[Credit: Netflix]
[Credit: Netflix]


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