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SPOILER ALERT: Possible spoilers for Season 4 of 'The Walking Dead,' as well as the comic book series.

With so many of the original cast now gone to a better place, all bets are on as to who will be the next character on The Walking Dead who bites the dust. If the betting houses were actually accepting wagers, I think a lot of people would put their big bucks on one leading candidate to add to the death roll: Glenn Rhee, played by .

Why is Glenn some sort of macabre frontrunner in the race to meet the Reaper? Well, first off, and this fact shouldn't be too easily dismissed, Glenn actually does snuff it in the comic books. To anybody who has followed both formats of the story, it's become obvious by now that the show doesn't always coincide with the comic version, so Glenn striking out in the books doesn't necessarily correlate with a gruesome death on TV... although it seems pretty probable.

I mean, look at the last episode, titled Internment. Glenn's situation was anything but rosy. Having just escaped the deadly flu, it doesn't seem much of a stretch for the writers to outright whack him in imminent episodes, for better effect. In any case, Glenn's toast in the eyes of many speculative fans.

Last Friday, Craig Ferguson asked Steven Yeun about the proclivity of TWD characters to die shockingly. Yeun answered:

I'm like... if Walking Dead was a casino I’m ruling the house right now. Maybe my time will come.

Ferguson followed up by asking if he had already practiced playing a zombie, you know, just in case. Yeun's response?

Never! You don’t want to do that. Why would you put that out in the atmosphere? Why would you put that out in the ether? I'm just saying you don't want to give people [the idea] that he's really good as a zombie.

What do you think? Are Glenn's chances of survival as slim as we are led to believe? Or will the show stray away from the books and let him live for at least another season?

The Walking Dead - Season Four airs on Sundays on AMC at 9 PM EST.



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