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Brian Salisbury

A conflict is brewing over at Warner Bros.; the rumblings of a showdown centering on ' Godzilla reboot. This is not the type of showdown that inevitably leaves streets scorched and buildings stomped. The film, which is being co-produced by Legendary Pictures and the Toho company, is experiencing a fire-breathing feud with producers and . Deadline reports that Legendary wants to drop these two producers, who were brought onto Godzilla as part of the deal with Toho, but the split is shaping up to be far from amicable.

Like Gamera and Monster X, the two parties are at each others throats. According to The Wrap, Lin and Lee have threatened to file a restraining order to stop production on the movie; a move that has prompted Legendary Pictures to sue the angry producing duo. All of this comes almost simultaneously with the news that The Walking Dead's has been hired to do a final rewrite on the script, the last rewrite of 's original story coming at the hands of Iron Man 3 scribe Drew Pearce.

So with a production start date just two months away, the situation facing Godzilla could not be uglier if it were...the actual Godzilla. I think part of the problem is that there were too many hands on deck in the producer department in the first place, and, at least in the case of Lin and Lee, not everyone was clear on their respective roles in the production. Heck, even as Lin and Lee are on their way out the door, Legendary is bringing on as yet another producer. Parent worked with Legendary on 's Pacific Rim. It simply appears the project may be overloaded in this regard.

My hope is that all of this legal rigamarole won't affect the actual start date of Godzilla's production. Gareth Edwards' Monsters was a phenomenal post-apocalyptic opus about the realities of living in a world dominated by giant creatures; making his selection as Godzilla helmer perfectly apt. To see this optimal marriage of artist and project derailed by behind-the-scenes drama would be almost as sad and frustrating as, well, 's Godzilla.


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