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(Warning: The following contains some potentially substantial plot SPOILERS for upcoming episodes of Gotham, as well as an image from the upcoming second half of the show's third season. Proceed with whatever level of caution your stalwart old butler suggests to you is wise, Master Bruce...)

Now, while 's is, in theory, the story of a young Bruce Wayne finding his way to becoming , that's not why all that many people watch the show. Instead, to some, it's a tale of detectives trying to navigate a rising tide of villainy, while for others it's the story of those same villains, and how they came to be. For a whole other sub-section of fans, though, the real through-line to the show is pretty darned simple: Working out just who the hell is going to be.

For many, the leading candidate remains a certain young man named - despite his brief tenure on the show ending in his unfortunate demise. If the actor who plays him - - is to be believed, though...

Jerome Is Heading Back To 'Gotham', And He Might Be Playing The 'New 52' Joker

[DC Comics]
[DC Comics]

Yup, that's right. The version of the Joker with the torn-off face, and (depending on how you interpret more recent story-lines) possible access to eternal life. The reason for that particular suspicion? Well, take a closer look at the image below, recently posted by Monaghan to his Instagram account:

Notice the red marks on Jerome's face? They sure do make it seem that he's had his face removed, much as the New 52-era Joker did. Which... doesn't really tell us all that much, since Gotham has long been willing to cherry pick whichever fragments of lore it so chooses, and to ignore a lot of what would usually come along with them. It might, though, suggest a return for Colm Feore's Dollmaker, since that same character was the one to remove The Joker's face in the comic-books. Similarly, there's always the possibility that the New 52 Joker's regenerative abilities could come into play at some point - perhaps even offering up an explanation for Jerome's improbably return.

Or, alternatively, Monaghan might just be screwing with us. Either way, though, it might just be a long, impatient wait for Gotham to return in January 2017.

Still want more on Gotham, and its possible Joker? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, though, what do you reckon? Is Jerome The Joker, and if so, how will he return? Let us know below!



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