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Warning: If you enter this enclosure huge spoilers for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will jump up and bite you in the nether regions. If you haven't seen the movie yet, turn back now.

Although his true face was concealed for most of , Grindelwald's dark influence drove the plot into the dark territory of the Obscurus, but how did the dark wizard know where to locate such a rare phenomenon?

Of course, by taking on Percival Graves's identity as the Director of Magical Security of MACUSA, Grindelwald was privy to some seriously confidential information about unexplained or erratic magical going-ons, but this connection can't explain everything he knew.

Although MACUSA was aware of reports that a mysterious destructive force was whipping around New York and tearing up the city, the organization had no idea it was connected to Credence Barebone. Only had this insight, and at multiple points of the movie it is made clear this knowledge was gained by some sort of vision.

Percival Graves a.k.a. Grindelwald and Ezra Miller
Percival Graves a.k.a. Grindelwald and Ezra Miller

Although we've never had any indication that Grindelwald had an aptitude for Divination before, the dark wizard himself mentions having visions that led him to Credence Barebone.

As an audience we know that Grindelwald has had "visions" of , but we have no idea whether he used the Divination methods that he learned during his magical studies, or whether the powerful wizard could, in fact, be a Seer.

A Seer is an individual who has the ability to see prophesies through their inner eye, and although it initially seems like Grindelwald's visions were incorrect, it is later revealed that it was his power of judgement that was compromised as opposed to the truth of his vision.

Grindelwald didn't believe Credence was strong enough
Grindelwald didn't believe Credence was strong enough

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Although Grindelwald was seeing Credence Barebone in his visions, he clearly thought so little of the beaten-down, stooped figure that he didn't believe he was capable of being an Obscurial — especially because most people who are afflicted are not strong enough to survive beyond childhood.

Instead, through powers of his own interpretation, Grindelwald concludes that it must be someone close to Credence who holds the volatile power he seeks. Naturally, he focuses his energies on searching for a child because there are no known cases of an Obscurial surviving beyond puberty.

Modesty was a decoy created by Grindelwald's own logic, not his visions
Modesty was a decoy created by Grindelwald's own logic, not his visions

Naturally, Grindelwald's bias leads him to believe that the precocious Modesty is probably the source of the power he has seen, but his visions of Credence were 100 percent true.

But is this enough to really make Grindelwald a Seer? Well, it all depends upon the methods he used to induce his visions. If they hit him like a bolt out of the blue one day, he's a Seer (remember those few rare moments that allowed to keep teaching?). However, if he was faffing around with tarot cards, tea leaves, crystal balls or any of that mumbo-jumbo Hermione so disdained, he is simply really, really good at Divination.

Personally, I find it difficult to imagine a wizard of Grindelwald's status bothering with an art that was so lowly-regarded that it almost got scrapped from the curriculum at , and is even accessible to the Muggles he so despises.

Would Grindelwald sink this low?
Would Grindelwald sink this low?

So, unless Grindelwald somehow obtained the information from another magical source (bearing in mind he is a skilled Occlumens, not a Legilimens, so he doesn't have access to the minds of others), it seems highly likely that he could be a Seer.

If you think this theory is crazy, wait until you see our mashup below!

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