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The best movie ever made.

This is how described the Napoleon-film he expected, but was never able to, create. Could it have been the best movie never made, one of those great "what ifs" of film history cinephiles like to contemplate: "what if" the studio had said yes to the massive budget needed and "what if" Kubrick had been able to use those 15,000 location photos and the Romanian army (he had actually enlisted) and turn his extensive research and efforts into a real film?Kubrick was obsessed with the character of the infamous French emperor and he never really gave up on the project; he tried and failed to make it for decades. Now, thanks to , his dream might come true.

Earlier this year, Spielberg announced that he would produce a Napoleon TV show and turn Stanley Kubrick's 1961 screenplay into a miniseries.

Now Variety is reporting that HBO is in talks to take on the story of Napoleon's life and director is eyed to direct it. If Luhrmann, (in)famous for his astonishing expressive visual style (just think of the overemphasised visuality of The Great Gatsby or the gonzo style of cult classic Romeo + Juliet), indeed directs the project, we can expect something visually impressive for sure.

What do you think? Is it possible that Kubrick's Napoleon project will turn out as the best TV series ever made?

(Source: Variety)


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