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As the internet grows more prevalent and audiences more disgusted with their cable and satellite providers, nontraditional media outlets have been hopping on the original programming bandwagon, such as Netflix with their excellent House of Cards and upcoming Arrested Development, and even Amazon joining the fray with Zombieland.

Now, the latest outlet to enter the fray is one audiences are more used to offering up Call of Duty than a television show: MSN, specifically via their XBox console.

Yeah, you read that right. TVline reports that MSN is eager to move into the original programming realm, and is in serious talks to pick up the rights to NBC's once hugely popular Heroes and revive it via XBox.

The site also reports a former NBC exec was brought into MSN's confidence, and that they are interested in developing a brand-new story-line and characters for the show. Schedule permitting, they would also be mixing in cameos from old characters, too.

Fun fact: It was originally NBC's intent for the superhero show to have new characters and story arcs every season, without carrying over the principal cast. Basically every season would have been a stand-alone concept with a self-contained story and cast. But then the first season became an enormous hit and audiences fell in love with the characters, forcing the studio to develop a broader plot with the cast remaining intact.

So that's all interesting and everything, but it remains to be seen whether or not gamers (because that's directly who this would be aimed at) would latch on to the idea of regularly watch new content via their XBox that is presumably promoted and advertised solely through said XBox. It could be great and further push the already blurry boundaries of how we receive original programming, or it could be a colossal failure. [[follow]] and we'll keep you updated. I'm as eager to keep track of these developments as you are.



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