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This article contains major spoilers of The Flash Season 3.

Undoubtedly one of the best additions to The Flash this season has been H.R. Wells. The charismatic Earth-19 version of Harrison Wells has added a unique layer to Season 3, which speaks volumes considering that actor Tom Cavanagh is essentially just playing another version of the same character he's played for the past two seasons.

But his addition to Team Flash has placed him in a precarious position. Savitar's recent prophecy could indeed have ramifications for H.R., but we have to wonder what kind of ramifications those will be.

Since the series' mid-season finale, all we have been able to think about is Savitar's chilling prophecy, in which he warned Barry that one will fall, one will betray him and one shall suffer a fate worse than death. While we know Wally West — and later Jay Garrick — fulfilled the latter role and ended up trapped in the Speed Force, we're not quite sure about the other two.

While Barry did envision Iris' death in the future, the team are doing all they can to make sure it doesn't come to pass. But even if someone else fills that role, it won't be H.R.; Savitar directly told him that he would survive his wrath. So that leaves us questioning who the traitor will be.

While many assume it could be Caitlin due to her suppressing of Killer Frost — and the fact that she kept of the piece of the Philosopher's Stone — there's a chance that the traitor just might be H.R. Wells. Here's why:

H.R. Is Present In The Future

Back in the mid-season finale, Barry caught a glimpse of the future, seeing Iris West killed by Savitar. Upon seeing it, he vowed to never let this event come to pass. And so, when Cisco vibed him back to the future in the mid-season premiere, something was different — H.R. was watching the same events unfold on the roof with a futuristic rifle. The weapon was identical to the ones that Team Flash obtained during that episode when they stopped an arms deal, effectively changing the future.

H.R. is on the roof when Savitar kills Iris. [Credit: The CW]
H.R. is on the roof when Savitar kills Iris. [Credit: The CW]

However, while we all naturally thought H.R. was there to assist Team Flash, it's worth noting that he never actually pulls the trigger — seemingly standing by as Savitar kills Iris all over again. If H.R. was there to help Team Flash, surely he would have fired at Savitar, or at least distracted him long enough for Barry to save Iris from his grip.

Looking back on, H.R.'s sudden presence in the future may have initially been reassuring, but now it seems a little unsettling. Could he be responsible for Savitar getting his hands on Iris, despite everyone else's attempts to alter the future?

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H.R. Has Struggled To Fit In

Since his arrival on Earth-1, H.R. has struggled to live up to his predecessors. After all, the original Harrison Wells was the evil genius Eobard Thawne — the Reverse-Flash — while his Earth-2 doppelgänger was moody but lovable genius Harry. But H.R. is a novelist from Earth-19 and has acknowledged on many occasions that he is anything but a genius. And due to this, H.R. has often felt out of place on Team Flash.

Savitar insults H.R. through Julian. [Credit: The CW]
Savitar insults H.R. through Julian. [Credit: The CW]

While we initially thought he might have been evil, the show was very quick to nip those theories in the bud early by having Cisco feel the same way, and subsequently investigate H.R. But all that he found was that Earth-19's Harrison Wells was a novelist, searching for a new purpose on a new Earth. And while H.R. has become a beloved member of Team Flash, we have to wonder if he has actually found his purpose. All season long, he has found himself on the wrong end of insults and jibes from various Team Flash members — even his own Earth-2 doppelgänger called him an idiot.

But has he really been deceiving us all along? Could he secretly have ulterior motives that are easier to accomplish if we all just believe he's simply a harmless, silly, lovable comedian?

We Might See A New Harrison Wells Next Season

With each season of The Flash comes a new version of Harrison Wells. Actor Tom Cavanagh has done a remarkable job at portraying all three iterations of the character. Whether he was portraying the pleasant but chilling evil Wells from Season 1, the moody but lovable Earth-2 version from Season 2 or the infectiously cheery H.R. from Season 3, he has excelled.

Thus, with Season 3 coming to an end soon, we have to wonder: will we see another brand new version of Wells show up on our screens in Season 4?

But in order for that to happen, we would likely have to bid farewell to H.R. While Season 2's Harry still pops up from time to time, it's unlikely that the creative team would write H.R. out in the same fashion if they have the Earth-2 version to rely on for cameos. On that note, there's always the possibility that Harry could permanently move to Earth-1 in Season 4.

H.R. meets Harry. [Credit: The CW]
H.R. meets Harry. [Credit: The CW]

But all that still leaves us with the question: if H.R. is indeed written out of the show, why would he leave?

Season 1's Wells was erased from the timeline while Season 2's returned to Earth-2. And thanks to Savitar's recent conversation with H.R. — in which Savitar told him he survives his wrath — the Earth-19 version will not be the Team Flash member to die. Thus, if H.R. does indeed leave at the end of Season 3, could he be ousted after a betrayal?

One of Barry's friends will indeed betray him; Savitar made that very clear. However, he also revealed that H.R. does indeed survive his wrath. But the question is, does he survive because he aligns himself with the God of Speed? With his friendly demeanor and hilarious quips, a betrayal from H.R. would be one that nobody would see coming.

Do you think H.R. will be the one to betray Barry? Let us know in the comments below!


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