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was recently snapped leaving a trendy London club with a mysterious young lady on his arm. Who is she? Is Ian on the rebound from his split with already? Well, probably not. At least I really hope not... According to the International Business Times (that's right, a business website cares what Ian Somerhalder is up to) the girl is none other than his sister Robyn.

Or is she? There have also been claims it was just a crazed fan who wanted a photo (I suppose this would explain her enormous grin). Somerhalder's recent tweet would seem to back this up:

Somerhalder is currently in Europe to rehearse for a few upcoming movies. As you'd expect, this has lead to speculation he is reading for the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Of course, Somerhalder couldn't confirm or deny this, but whatever he's doing, he seems pretty happy. He tweeted:

Well, at least the whole splitting up with Nina Dobrev thing isn't getting him down.

What do you think? Sister or opportunistic fan? Let me know below.


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