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(WARNING: spoilers below for those who haven't watched Season 7, Episodes 1– 2 of The Walking Dead)

After watching Episode 2 of titled "Long Live King Ezekiel," I'm cheering for Carol to meet her end sooner rather than later. Don't get me wrong — I think Carol has served an important role, but I'm getting tired of her currently apathetic outlook on things. Also, I've had it up to my eyeballs (there is a Glenn joke in there somewhere) with Morgan trying to protect the baddest Rambo bitch of the show. Carol has kill an endless horde of the undead and scary-ass children, Morgan; I don't think she needs your protection.

Let's be honest: hasn't done much since busting out of that Saw-like situation at the Savior's headquarters back in Season 6. She's been a shell of her former self ever since then. I miss the good old days when Carol battled a wall of walkers without blinking an eye; when she made the hard decisions that seemed like a realistic way to solve problems ("Just look at the flowers, Lizzie"), and the way she made her feelings for Daryl known.

We saw Carol transform from a meek, conservative, housewife that had to deal with an abusive husband to a knife-wielding, gun-carrying, light-your-ass-on-fire Ronda Rousey type. But now, Carol's character arc appears to be descending back into nothingness as she roams around in a house outside of the Kingdom found on Zombie Purgatory Lane. Should Carol be the next to get offed? Here are the top three reasons I think Carol has outlived her time and needs to go.

3. Carol Is Dead In The Comics

The comic book version of Carol met her end way back when Rick's group was hiding out at the prison. Carol's demise comes about because Carol witnesses Tyreese — someone she was attached to romantically — cheating on her with Michonne. This causes Carol to break up the relationship and become suicidal. She eventually tries to have a romantic relationship with Rick and Lori both, but Lori was not having it.

Being cheated on by Tyreese and rejected by Rick and Lori sends Carol even further down the suicidal path. She ends up conversing with a walker as if it were still human and eventually allows it to feast on her.

2. Other Than Rick, Carl, and Daryl, Carol Is The Last Remaining Character From Season 1

After the death of Glenn in the season premiere, the only remaining characters left from Season 1 are: Rick "I'm Going To Kill You!" Grimes, Carl "Dad. Dad. Dad!" Grimes, Daryl "I'm Half Dead But At Least I Got This Blanket" Dixon, and Carol "This Shit Be Crazy" Peletier. In my opinion, it should have been Carol to get Lucilled and not Glenn. Glenn had a lot more story left in him other than the meandering Carol character that is pretty much directionless at this point.

1. What's Left For Carol To Do?

Riddle me this: What is tall, slender, and gray and deadly with guns, knives, and fire? That's right, Hershel. No, not Hershel — it's Carol! She's saved Rick and everybody else's ass a thousand times over. Remember the CDC in Season 1? It was Carol that handed Rick the grenade to escape before the whole place went boom. In Season 4, it was Carol who secretly burned the infected in order to save the rest of the group staying at the prison. What about the time she blew up freaking Terminus in order to rescue everyone? I mean she's done it all — including maybe knocking boots with Daryl — so what's left for her to do?


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