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Alisha Grauso

It appears as if the UK-based Pinewood-Shepperton Studios gives as good as it gets. With The Avengers: Age Of Ultron set to move filming overseas to the studio in the fall, the famous studio is turning around and shipping one of its own icons across the pond to the U.S.

The studio, which is home to none other than the James Bond franchise, has announced plans to build its first complex in the U.S. just outside of Atlanta. It will be a joint venture with a U.S. investment company and will cover 288 acres of land, with multiple sound stages to house production on everything from films, television, music, and video games.

Does this mean we might see Spectre filming on our shores? It's a possibility. Says Pinewood's CEO Ivan Dunleavy:

[It is] another step forward for the Pinewood brand internationally. This new studio will target US productions. Georgia has excellent fiscal incentives and a great crew base.

The studio apparently has huge expansion plans, having announced a joint venture with a Chinese media group earlier this month. Planting a flag in the U.S., largely seen as the entertainment mecca of the world, would be an excellent first step toward making those plans happen.


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