ByBrian Salisbury, writer at
Brian Salisbury

After witnessing the alarming rate at which human characters tend to be gobbled up by hungry dinos, why would ANYONE still want to go to Jurassic Park? Well, according to Hypable, you'll have to ask that question. Schwartzman is rumored to be among the cast for 's upcoming Jurassic World. Little is known about his character, and we can only speculate as to his making it to the end credits undigested, but Hypable is said to have a reliable source on this.

If the rumored storylines are true, involving a fully functioning Jurassic Park teeming with guests, then my guess is Schwartzman would play a wormy executive for InGen's rival company Biosyn. Or, perhaps they'll go a bit against type and make him an energetic, lovably goofy paleontologist. It all remains to be seen.

What do you guys think?


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