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It seems even Hollywood stars have dreams of becoming superheroes. Celebrities are the closest thing we have to superheroes as they have the fame, power and access that us mere mortals can only dream of. That is apparently not enough for Jennifer Aniston who has voiced her desire to actually play a super. Back in 2014, when Jennifer was promoting her movie Cake with The Hollywood Reporter, the Friends star talked about how the movie had challenged her and that's something she enjoys, which led Jennifer on to discuss how much she'd love to play a superhero:

We admit it's a stretch from the movies she's typically cast in, but we would definitely go and see Jennifer show off her freshly gained powers, if a movie were ever to come out. Admittedly she's never going to play Supergirl, but most of the female superheroes are so bad-ass, sexy and confident it's almost ludicrous to only allow the mega young to play them. Yes Jen maybe middle aged but she sure as hell doesn't look like any middle aged woman I know. So let's explore just who Aniston could possible play and maybe get some of the studios inspired enough to cast her.

1. Mrs Incredible/Elastigirl

Disney Pixar Studios
Disney Pixar Studios

As it seems Disney is hell-bent on making live action movies out of all their films, why not a live action Incredibles? Aniston would perform wonderfully as Mrs Incredible, the overworked mother, whose marriage is dwindling somewhat and is constantly bored in her day to day routine. With the added bonus of incredible flexibility and stretchy-ness as her power. The age is believable, after all she has three children. Aniston is in fine physical shape and would look smoking hot in the tight latex, Elastigirl wears. Plus she's petite enough to make whoever plays Mr Incredible look huge. It's basically a no-brainer. Jennifer Aniston is Mrs Incredible.

2. Susan Richards/Invisible Woman

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

The Invisible Woman is someone with a huge backstory, her character spans over fifty decades in some form or another. Her original comic book series showed her to have difficult pregnancies. Her first son, Franklin was born a mutant and the second child she was pregnant with was sadly still born. She also suffered from depression and she was even trained to fight by Iron Fist and the Hulk.

We'd love to see a female superhero have such strong human challenges alongside her powers, something that would really put Aniston's acting ability to the test. Special effects are all great to watch, but we like our superheroes with a little more going on. We can easily see Jen being the voice of reason in the Fantastic Four gang, acting both as a mother figure, but also as the strong independent woman Susan is known to be.

3. Pamela Lillian Isley/Poison Ivy

DC Comics
DC Comics

Jen may have said she wanted to play a superhero, but wouldn't it be more fun to see her as a villain? Poison Ivy has to be one of the hottest and intoxicating villainesses ever created. Her ever-changing allegiances and somewhat erotic relationship with Harley Quinn has been well documented in the comic book series. Thier polygamous love was even confirmed by writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. Therefore we'd love to see her story come to life on screen. We'd love to have Poison Ivy as the star of her own movie and with Aniston as the herbology- loving, femme fatale. All Jen would need is a scarlet wig and some mind control lipstick and she's ready to go. Come on, Jennifer! Give us the best crazy plant lady you can.

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4. Jamie/The Bionic Woman

Kenneth Johnson for Universal
Kenneth Johnson for Universal

The Bionic Woman doesn't get the respect she deserves and we want to see that changed. She had a very successful television series in the 70's and was briefly brought back to our screens in 2007, but wasn't as well received as producers would have liked. Due to the lack of numbers being pulled in by the show, it was axed after just nine episodes. We think it's high time Bionic Woman got the audience she's worthy of. Preferably in a high- octane, explosive movie with Jennifer as the titular character.

The Bionic Woman has a dark creation story, starting out as a regular human but due to a botched parachuting jump she is forced into intensive care, where her husband and the company he works for uses bionic power to ensure she stays alive. We hope Jen doesn't mind heights, because we'd like to see that play out in high definition. The story is fairly open to interpretation after she gains her powers, leaving the script writers to have all the fun. Maybe her first mission could be to end misogyny and age-ism in Hollywood?

Check out this wonderfully retro opening theme for the 70's Bionic Woman and just imagine Jennifer playing the part.

So there we have it, a selection of supers we think Jen would do a great justice to. So Hollywood what are you waiting for? Get Jennifer on the phone now.


Which Super would you like to see Jennifer play?

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