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Mild spoilers ahead for Luke Cage Season 1, particularly Episode 6.

"If you're just joining us, this is Trish Talk..."

The soothing tones of Trish Walker will be familiar to anyone who watched Jessica Jones when it premiered on Netflix last year. In that series, Jessica struck up a fiery sexual relationship with Luke Cage, which didn't last long once he discovered her role in the murder of Reva Connors, Luke's wife and the love of his life.

A lot of people "shipped" Jessica and Luke together though (it could have something to do with those seriously scorching sex scenes), and the one question on everybody's lips prior to Season 1 of Luke Cage debuting on Netflix seems to have be whether or not Ms. Jones of Alias Investigations will pop up in Harlem.

The answer...

(Netflix/Marvel) no, with a caveat. While Jessica doesn't appear in person, she is mentioned by her best friend Trish, who gets a voice role at the very beginning of Episode 6. While Luke jogs through the streets of his 'hood, he listens to two callers share their opposing views about superheroes (specifically, Luke himself) on Trish Talks (for context, Luke's efforts to keep his abilities a secret have failed).

One woman is borderline hysterical about the "threat" of Cage: "The man is so strong, he doesn't have to answer to anybody! Can you trust a person like that? Let the police do their jobs, that's what I say!"

The male caller says he knows Luke from the market, and Trish agrees that she feels the streets are a safer place when policed by the likes of Luke than the cops themselves — which is not a surprise, given that she wanted Jessica to put on a cape and go out and play the vigilante.

But while it's nice that Luke Cage pays lip service to Trish's friend, her absence begs the question: What the hell is Jessica Jones doing these days? Sadly, short of an unexpected cameo in Iron Fist, there's no way we'll get any answers on that until Netflix brings The Defenders to life later in 2017.

Do you have a theory on where Jessica Jones is — and will she and Luke ever hook up again?


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