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When Jesus and Carl hid inside The Saviors' truck, Jesus fell for the whole "You first" ploy and saw Carl sail off into The Sanctuary alone — or did he? The last time we saw Hilltop's ninja badass, he was clinging to a truck headed from Negan's compound to Alexandria, but it arrived at its destination without him.

Therefore, it's a decent assumption that Jesus is still at The Sanctuary, right? You can see Jesus jump out of the truck at 0:26 in this clip from S07E07, "Sing Me a Song."

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Luckily for us, it's not just all speculation on the Jesus front. Jesus actor Tom Payne told Comic Book that he's definitely helping Daryl:

"Well, he's not on the truck. He can't be many places because there aren't that many places to go. I think if you noticed, you saw that Daryl noticed that he was up there. We did actually have a shot, but we didn't get around to it. We saw each other, so he's seen that Daryl is there and maybe wants to try and help out. We'll see."

With that in mind, was it Jesus who passed Daryl that note?

Who gave Daryl the note? [Credit: AMC]
Who gave Daryl the note? [Credit: AMC]

Payne was a bit cagey about who it was that slipped Daryl the note saying go now with the bike key attached:

"Well, that's a maybe. I wish he could've done that, as well. I can't say too much, but I guess if we get back to the Sanctuary, we might see [Jesus] again because he's not going to be anywhere else, or he'll be around the Sanctuary area."

Hmmmm...answers in the comments, please, Walking Dead fans!


Did Jesus pass Daryl the 'GO NOW' note?

(Sources: ComicBook)


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