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(WARNING: The following contains potential — albeit entirely speculative — SPOILERS for Marvel's upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. Proceed with whatever level of caution the all-seeing Heimdall suggests to you is wise.)

Now, ' upcoming isn't what you might call short of acting talent. It has, after all, added a ridiculously critically acclaimed band of performers to its already talented original cast, with Cate Blanchett, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban and, of course, Jeff Goldblum arriving to hang out with and the gang. Heck, just to double down, the film is even set to feature Mark Ruffalo's and Benedict Cumberbatch's , because apparently is now just actively trying to make us all grin like idiots come November 2017.

From the sounds of it, though, the film might yet have one more sneaky addition to the cast up its sleeve. Y'see...

John Cena Might Be Set To Cameo In Thor: Ragnarok

[12 Rounds/Fox]
[12 Rounds/Fox]

That, at least, is what a recent posting to IMDb seems to suggest, with the legend being added to the cast list as none other than...himself. Which, since the film seems likely to feature a good ol' fashioned gladiatorial "Contest of Champions," presumably orchestrated by Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster, would actually make a whole lot of sense. , after all, could easily be misconstrued by an alien gambler to be Earth's mightiest champion, especially if they didn't bother looking to closely into who Vince McMahon is. As such, the idea of a Cena-centric cameo — perhaps one featuring him being bloodily slaughtered in front of a horrified Thor and Hulk — seems both entirely plausible and potentially hugely entertaining.

What's more, Cena has a little previous experience working with Marvel, voicing Hulk in the Marvel Avengers Academy video game, something that could easily have led to some sort of senior creative figure coming to think that an on-screen cameo would be neat.

The big question now, though?

Is John Cena Really Joining The Cast Of Thor: Ragnarok?

Well, maybe. Y'see, while Cena's name did turn up on IMDb a few days ago, it's very much not there now. This could mean that it was an accidental addition, and was removed so as to not spoil a key gag from the finished movie. Or, of course, that could mean that Marvel Studios weren't the ones who posted that information at all (there are relatively few limitations on who can post casting details on the site), and that Cena was removed from the cast list after someone pointed out that he wasn't actually in the movie.

In other words? We simply don't know. Which, with the film still almost a year away from hitting theaters, is probably for the best.

Still want to know more about Thor: Ragnarok, though? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you think? Will John Cena show up in Thor: Ragnarok, and if so, what'll he get up to? Let us know below!



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