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It's been a roller coaster couple of years for Kirsten Stewart but now the A-list actress seems to be gaining some serious momentum. Whether it is landing groundbreaking movie rolls or, rebuilding bridges with her tight knit network of mates, the Twilight star is truly thriving.

Once probably best known for having a face like a slapped ass, is letting her precious unicorn smile out of the bag with shocking regularity lately. While earning her stripe as a credible actress in movies such as Anesthesia and Equals has obviously contributed to this glut of grins, I think KStew reconnecting with her pals has had a huge effect on her.

Kstew shows us that even a parking lot is fun with friends After living in the shadows of her rocky relationship with for so long, Kristen finally seems to be wringing every drop of fun out of the single life. Gossip rags are bursting at the seams with tales of Kristen enjoying sushi nights, wine bar jaunts and beach side strolls with her close gang of pals and, I for one, think she is looking happier than ever.

Building up a network of supportive, fun relationships seems to have given KStew a hearty lust for life. Not only does she seem to be having a ball but, she seems to have found people she can trust. We have all seen the multiple stories of so called 'anonymous friends' dishing the dirt on their A-list acquaintances so it must be a huge weight of KStew's shoulders to escape these worries with her close knit pals.

So, who are these wonderful people who might have broken the great smile drought of KStew once and for all? Get to know some of her close pals below.

Alicia Cargile

Kristen flashes her pearly whites with Alicia

While is often quoted as being Kristen's BFF, Alicia might be close competition. This hip LA based commercial producer always makes time to be at KStew's side and is a skilled smile charmer to boot. It's not hard to see what this casual pair have in common. They share a grungey style, a love for low-key venues in the city and, if the pictures are anything to go by, a cracking sense of humor. The pair have been pictured so much together that some websites are claiming they are an item but, surely most people have a best friend they see a few times a week? Personally, I can't get enough of Alicia, anyone who can make Kristen beam like that is a friend of mine!

Suzie Reimer

Kristen Stewart, Suzie Riemer and Alicia Cargile make a thrilling threesome

Trendsetting it girl Suzie Reimer is a regular feature in KStew's coveted inner circle. The aspiring actress is a big blogger but she has the decency to avoid dropping the K-bomb for her own personal gain. Suzie accompannied Kristen while she was filming Clouds of Sils Maria in Germany and shares her love of all things canine. She was also privileged enough to celebrate KStew landing her role in Equals. Anyone fancy a life transplant?

CJ Romero CJ Romero has always been there for Kstew

CJ Romero and KStew have been friends for years and he has always been loyal to his A-list pal. When news of Kristen's high profile affair with broke, Romero famously defended her on twitter and, he can clearly dish out a mean bear hug when the going gets tough.

While Kristen also has her famous pals, various travel commitments and film contracts keep them apart. Thankfully these LA locals seem to manage to make a lot of time for the star.

Does anyone else think that Kristen seems to be a picture of happiness since she started spending more time with her close friends?

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