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Eszter Simor

Although and officially broke up more than a year ago, the pair has been spotted a lot together lately (not to mention the rumours that they are planning to tie their lives forever...)

Apparently the couple was forced to enjoy each others company in secret and they were hooking up in hotels to avoid the press.

However, now Pattinson has left for the shooting of Queen of the Desert in Australia and Stewart was reportedly seen depressed when leaving her family's house after Thanksgiving.

A source told told X17Online (via Entertainmentwise:)

Kristen looked depressed.

She spend the holiday with her family, but you could tell something was missing. She looked alone and lonely.

Now she might have found comfort with someone else.

As Entertainmentwise reports, she enjoyed a late night hang out with his other Twilight co-star, at her house in Los Feliz last week. Lautner, who by the way played the rival of Pattinson in Twilight for Stewart's love, was reportedly spotted leaving the heartbroken actress' house in the early hours of the morning last Wednesday.

(via Entertainmentwise)

Now that Pattinson is gone, is Stewart enjoying secret meetings with Lautner? Is the Twilight love triangle turning into a real life experience?

What do you think? Are Stewart and Lautner just friends or friends with benefits?


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