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The latest episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke brought many revelations, but one that stood out was the new information about The Butcher, the Roanoke colony, and Lady Gaga's character. While we didn't get much screen time from her, it was enough to start speculating about her character's role in the events of My Roanoke Nightmare.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for AHS: Asylum, AHS: Coven, and AHS: Roanoke.

Did Gaga possess The Butcher?

Lady Gaga in American Horror Story
Lady Gaga in American Horror Story

Lady Gaga has currently only shown her abilities once, when she murdered a wild boar and fed it's heart to an ailing Butcher. The Butcher, weak from lack of food and water, ate the heart, and returned to Roanoke to hack into various colonists with a meat cleaver. While it is assumed that The Butcher handed over her soul, what if she was possessed? While it is plausible that her strength came from her deal with Gaga, it is also possible that it was her character acting through The Butcher. There are arguments for both, but for the sake of this theory, we'll say that The Butcher was possessed.

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This wouldn't be the first time possession has been a plot point on AHS. In the second season, Asylum, Jed Potter, a farmer's son, is taken to Briarcliff for an exorcism after he eats the heart of a cow. Could it be that the Potter family owned the farmhouse before the Nurses? Boston, where Briarcliff is located, is not a ridiculous distance from North Carolina, so they could have easily travelled for the exorcism. The recurring imagery of animal hearts is also worth noting. When Potter dies during the event, whatever was possessing him moves onto Mary Eunice. When Mary Eunice dies, it is assumed that the Demon dies with her, but there is no real evidence to support this, meaning whatever it was may have escaped.

This all could mean many things. I suggest that Gaga needs souls to survive, or collects them as a pastime, and that these three characters are not her only victims. Each character died after their possession, so it could be that to truly take a soul, they have to have passed away. With the full story of the Butcher soon to be revealed, we will hopefully find out whether she inhabits only North Carolina or if she's on a nationwide killing spree.

Could she be related to Papa Legba?

Papa Legba
Papa Legba

With Chapter 3, we got a better look at Gaga's costume and overall design aesthetic, and it seems to bear some similarities to Papa Legba's. Papa Legba was a demonic creature who would offer deals to desperate people in return for either their soul or the souls of the innocent. Maybe they're somehow connected, both collecting souls for a greater cause. While we haven't seen Papa Legba possess anyone, his powers most likely are different to Gaga's, so he may have to fulfil different requirements to acquire a soul.

Throughout Coven, Legba was commonly referred to as the Voodoo Devil, and he had the power to travel between Hell and Earth. This title allows Gaga to potentially be some sort of Devil herself.

What does this mean for the AHS Universe?

American Horror Story
American Horror Story

If Gaga is the Devil, and she did possess Mary Eunice in the '60s, this creates a solid link to Asylum, and her possible connections to Papa Legba join Coven with Roanoke as well. With the Piggy Man's appearances and the Motts' scheduled return, AHS: Roanoke may finally start bringing everything together in a major way.


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