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Mark Newton

Now hasn't been having the best time in recent years. She's been in and out of trouble, and in and out of rehab. But, perhaps some rescue is heading her way? It seems sitcom veteran Michael Patrick King has reached out to Lohan to star in his new CBS show, Two Broke Girls.

According to Telegram, he hopes Lohan will play a variation of her wild girl image by appearing as a reoccurring antagonist to the stars of the show, and .

King went even further to suggest he has in mind an entire sitcom which would be based around Lindsay. Details are still very scarce at the moment, but it is likely to see Lindsay play a version of herself, similar to her pal in Two and a Half Men.

It's unclear whether Lohan has responded to this suggestion, in fact she might have other things on her mind at the moment. In any case, this could be an opportunity for the troubled star to get a grip of things. Although, it didn't really help Charlie Sheen much...

What do you think? Would you like to see Lindsay Lohan in her own sitcom? Or should she just avoid the limelight for a while? Let me know what you think below.


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