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With the upcoming release of Thor 2: The Dark World, I think it might be appropriate to look back to the events of the 1st Thor Movie as well as the Avengers and the main Antagonist of both films: Loki. He is probably the most likeable Villain in a movie since Hannibal Lecter. But why? Sure he is witty and charismatic. He is handsome (as was Ted Bundy,) but more importantly he is a sympathetic character when you consider his origins. But hey, don't take it from me... Let's hear it from the God of Mischief himself: Loki.

People of Midgard,

My name (as I'm sure you already know) is Loki and I am burdened with Glorious Purpose. Now, I know we may have started off on the wrong foot- or whatever the Midgard expression is, but If I could explain things to you- from my perspective, then perhaps you will come to understand why my cause is Just.

You may not know this yet, but I am not a child of Asgard. My father was named Laufi and he was the King of the Frost Giants in a land called Jotunheim. The Asgardians, led by Odin Allfather invaded my ancestral lands and slew my people. Odin himself, killed my father as he defended me- his infant son. My True Father died to save me. For whatever reasons, perhaps guilt, perhaps regret at what he had done, Odin took me back to Asgard and raised me as his own son.

Of course I did not find any of this out until a few years back, just before my brother Thor was exiled for disobeying his father and going to Jotunheim.

Think about this for a moment. You discover that your father- is not truly your Father, but instead he is the one that abducted you and killed your real father. How diabolical is that? What would you do if you learned this truth? You would most likely want to avenge the death of your true father and your people, would you not?

Now I know why it is I've always felt different. For years I have lived in the shadow of my adopted brother. He was always the most popular, the strongest. But It was Thor who was the reckless one. It was he who was given the powers, the mystical Hammer Mjolnir and it was he through his impulsiveness that started a New War with Jotunheim.

Can you not understand why I have done what I have done? Why I have battled against my Asgardian brother and his newfound allies here on Midgard? I was Born to Rule, but I am a Benevolent Ruler. I've never sought to harm any of you. Can you not see that you have all been lied to as well? That I have been made out to be a Villain by the very people who have abducted me as a small child. The same people who you would call Heroes, have perpetuated this lie.

I may be in a prison cell now, but It will not always be this way. The Dark Energy that my so-called "Father" used to send my Brother to Midgard, to thwart my plans has brought something else as well. And when it comes, I shall be freed from my shackles. I assure you, I shall remember those who supported me here on Midgard. Hopefully, now that you have heard the Truth you will now understand and see that I am not the Villain. I am like you, a Victim of Asgard and its' allies.

Very Truly Yours,

Loki ;-)


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