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The long, strange trip of Mad Max: Fury Road has been, well, completely perplexing, for lack of a better word. With such a high-profile film and an all star cast, we'd have thought news would have been regularly leaking regarding...anything, really. The biggest news to this point has been that shaved her head for the role and she and and the rest of the cast were getting underway with filming in Namibia all the way back in January.

Since then, the only tangible news about Mad Max hasn't even been about the film itself, but the video game, which dropped its first trailer about two months ago. Other than that, nothing has been released. No stills, no release dates, no plot details, no teaser trailers, nothing.

Now, Australian site is reporting that Mad Max is heading back for some hefty reshoots. The crew is calling for more extras with slim builds and "odd, idiosyncratic faces", which makes sense if you're trying to populate a post-Apocalyptic, bizarre world. The reshoots are set to start in Sydney on November 22 and will last for three weeks.

And while reshoots are often common, used to tweak spots in an almost-finished film where producers see the potential to make the movie better, it's rare that they come with productions as troubled as this one without indicating some sort of major reworking needed. No word yet on whether or not that is the case for Mad Max, but considering Theron and Hardy were cast way back in the ancient days of 2009 and we still don't have a release date, all signs are pointing to this just being one of those chronically unlucky productions that happens from time to time.

But they can take heart in the story of this summer's equally-troubled and over budget World War Z, which was plagued with production problems but ended up being the highest-grossing film of 's career to date.

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