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Mark Newton

Every new image I see of Elysium makes me want to squeal like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

It seems has once again created a gritty sci-fi adventure which is both futuristic but recognizably contemporary. In fact, the dichotomy of the worlds created in Elysium inspired us to take a journey through all of movie futuredom. Feel free to check out our infographic here, but before you do that take a look at the new still below:

(via LA Times)

Now, we can't be sure what's happening here, but it looks like (I think) is approaching a pimped-up AK-47-wielding . Are they allies or enemies? We'll have to wait until April 9 to find out.

What do you think? Is Elysium your most anticipated sci-fi flick of the year? Let me know below.


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