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Alright, gang. This is not a drill. Stop whistling "The Philosopher's Song," ease up on the silly walks, and make plans to return that dead parrot tomorrow, because the latest news to emerge from the murky depths of the interweb is about to make your day. In what can only be described as epoch-defining news for anyone obsessed with both and the , y'see, it seems that Python alum and bonafide comedy legend might just be joining the .

Yup, that's right. That John Cleese. The one who's been making you laugh since about 30 seconds after you first saw him on screen. Here's the thing, though...

Is John Cleese Really Joining The DCEU?

[Justice League/Warner Bros]
[Justice League/Warner Bros]

After all, though Cleese has flirted with dramatic roles in the past — and certainly does have some acting chops — he's almost entirely known for his comedic performances (and lately not even so much for that). Well, according to Twitter, he just might be. Y'see, intrepid Twitterer Dennis Lamb recently noticed that both official DCEU photographer Clay Enos and the official UK Twitter account have, in recent weeks, followed Cleese on the social media site.

Which could, of course, simply mean that both Enos and whoever runs the BvS Twitter feed really like curmudgeonly old comedy icons, and want to hear as many of their daily thoughts as possible. Alternatively, though, this might be a similar situation to that of Joe Manganiello's entry into the DCEU, with the new teasing his casting by following director on Twitter just days before an official announcement.

The internet is currently abuzz with speculation that much the same sort of thing has just happened with John Cleese, only presumably with a somewhat smaller role. Only time will tell whether this one is for real, or complete nonsense, of course, but in the meantime, here's hoping that we get to see Cleese play someone absolutely ridiculous. They still haven't cast , after all.

Or, of course, there's always the very, very British Sheldrake family, and their traditional alter ego of The Knight. Cleese has some prior experience on that front, after all:

What do you think, though? Who would you like to see Cleese play in the DCEU? Let us know below!



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