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thinks that a female superhero movie "is coming".

The Oscar-winning star of Black Swan, who stars in Marvel's Thor: The Dark World, has heard through the grapevine that a comic book movie with a female lead is in the works. In an interview with Sci-Fi Now, Portman commented that:

There are definitely many strong women, but it will be exciting when there is a central female character which I think is coming - I have heard is coming - and, of course, also a central non-white character will also be exciting. Title characters... But they do definitely have strong female characters in them and I think it's a testament to the people who run Marvel, their respect, their just normal human respect for women, the way they want to characterize them; you can tell when men talk to you, as just a person or as a 'woman'.

Portman's statement echoes a rumor that we heard a while back that a Captain Marvel movie was in development and that Katee Sackhoff was being eyed to play the character. Okay, so Portman's revelation could just be over the same rumors we heard on the matter. But I'm going to assume that Thor's leading lady is more in the know than I am... At least I hope so.

Failing that - and what I'm 100% rooting for - is the possibility of a Black Widow. While Black Widow may not have a comic book to her name yet, did recently confirm that 's Natasha Romanoff will have a "huge" role in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which could indicate that he's gearing up for a spin-off. Plus, we all know how pissed off the Wheed is about a lack of female superheroes... Take the idea and run with it, Whedon!



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