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Matt Carter

Some people clearly have too much time on their hands. After posted a generic, relatively boring and in no way inflammatory semi-inspirational quote, some blogging sites (I'm looking at you The Stir!) have come to the conclusion that Dobrev is making a thinly-veiled attack on her ex .

Have a look at the photo for yourself and see what you think.

I don't know what Dobrev's thinking. Sweatpants are clearly very sexy.

I think reading this post as a dig at her ex is a real stretch, but then again she also has a photo of the quote, "Whatever you think, think the opposite." So does that mean that because I don't think she's bitter about her breakup with Somerhalder, that in fact she actually is? If that's the case, then guys that think that's she's still not over her ex, now have to think that she is actually over him. Boy, I'm really confused now...

Can you make out what the hell is going on here? Please tell me what all this is about because my brain is starting to hurt.


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