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When I was a kid, toys were something you played with in your bedroom because you didn't have any friends (when you own the complete set of TMNT action figures you don't need friends). That was a more innocent age, as toys nowadays in combination with the movies they promote, can act as either big spoilers or tricky red herrings for Hollywood's biggest franchises.

Recently there was the kerfuffle with Funko's line of Iron Man 3 toys, which suggested that Tony Stark had acquired a Deep Space Suit, while the latest Man of Steel action figures might have given us our first glimpse of General Zod and his army.

Today's toy spoiler alert concerns Iron Man 3 again, but this time it's all about Pepper Potts. As a tie-in for the upcoming movie, LEGO has released a "Malibu Mansion Attack" set which seems to show Ms Potts suited and booted in Iron Man armor. Check out the image of the set and see what you think:

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It's not the most clear of images, but could that be Pepper getting her armored action-hero freak on? It would certainly be an interesting plot development for the movie if she steps inside the suit. Perhaps Potts has to don it in order to survive the helicopter gunship attack on the mansion that was teased at in the trailer.

Could also be nothing more than a tricky red herring.

What do you guys think: Will Pepper Potts suit up in Iron Man 3? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Iron Man 3 lands in theaters May 3rd.


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