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Although Easter festivities are over for another year, we've got one last Easter egg to send your way, only this one is more Bantha than chocolate.

During 's recent Q & A session for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the Kiwi director grabbed some concept art from under the table and at the same time revealed what looked like the cover of a script or treatment for Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Have a look at the screenshot and check out Peter Jackson's name printed in large across the script's cover page:

(via First Showing)

Could you imagine Star Wars: Episode VIII directed by Jackson? He's certainly got the experience of directing big-budget tentpoles and he knows how to handle a franchise with a loyal and knowledgeable fan base. The only worry I'd have is him splitting the movie into three parts so we'd end up first with Star Wars: Episode VIII: Part 1: The Jedi Go There and Back Again.

Or something like that.

Before we get too excited, the video was released on April 1st so this is more than likely just a very well played April Fool's joke. Still, it doesn't hurt to dream a little bigger, does it?

Would Jackson be a good choice for Stars Wars: Episode VIII?



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