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I’ve seen a lot of posts talking about how brutal the Season 7 premiere of was for some conservative groups, and how it was suppose to be Maggie meeting her end by Lucille (which if it aired, would have fit my prediction perfectly), but I haven’t seen anything addressing the elephant in the room: Rick's "magical hatchet."

You’ve probably heard about the “magic bullet” theory that most conspiracy theorist use to discredit the idea that JFK was assassinated by just one shooter. Now, it looks like The Walking Dead fans have their own mystery to solve regarding Rick’s hatchet. If you paid close attention to the episode (which I’m sure you did), you probably noticed that Rick’s hatchet ended up on the roof of the camper after tossed it out the door. It then somehow (magically?) appeared in the grass next to Rick after he fell from the hanging walker. After seeing that I wondered: "How in the hell did that happen?"

Before I break down the series of events I am talking about, I think it is important to note where Rick got the hatchet and why it might have magical properties. OK, it probably doesn't have magical properties, but you'll be surprised to know who wielded it before Rick.

Negan: "What'd he have? Knife?"

Simon: "He had a hatchet."

Negan: "A hatchet?"

So when did Rick get his hatchet? In the comics, Rick discovers the hatchet in the barn where he finds the horse that he ends up riding on to Atlanta.

In the show, Rick doesn't get his hatchet until Season 6, Episode 8 "Start to Finish," when he takes refuge in Jessie's house after a section of the wall surrounding Alexandria falls. You never actually see Rick obtain the hatchet in the house, it just magically appears when he has to knock down a locked door to get to Carl and Jessie's son, who are fighting. More than likely, the hatchet belonged to Jessie's abusive husband (you know, Pete — the dude Rick killed)!

Maybe Jessie's ex-husband's spirit ends up possessing the hatchet because Rick used it to cut off Jessie's arm to save Carl and himself, which, in turn, fed Jessie and her son to a bunch of zombies. Come to think of it: Rick has gotten a lot more bloodthirsty after obtaining the hatchet. I mean, he almost cut off Carl's arm.

Maybe a possessed hatchet theory can explain how the hatchet ended up on the roof of the camper when Negan threw it out the door? Some people are saying that Negan actually meant to throw the hatchet on the roof of the camper and believe they have the video proof to back it up. I'm not so sure that the video is conclusive proof; however, for argument's sake, let's say Negan has a hell of a curve ball throwing arm and whipped the hatchet on the roof of the camper. That doesn't explain how the hatchet ended up on the grass after Rick used hanging Stretch Armstrong walker-dude to escape the bullets being shot through the roof of the camper. Rick never grabbed the hatchet off the roof — or did he?

I re-watched the episode again last night and Rick does grab the hatchet off the roof before jumping onto the hanging walker. In the picture below you can see that the hatchet is in Rick's left hand. Blink and you'll miss it.

So, I guess The Walking Dead crew got things right. That doesn't necessarily mean my possessed hatchet theory isn't totally wrong. Can't wait to tune in this season to see if the hatchet claims any more victims other than the countless dead that Rick has carved up like Thanksgiving turkeys.

Here are a few other things we might expect to see in Season 7 of The Walking Dead:


Will the possessed hatchet ever bite the hand that feeds?


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