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Forget The Iliad or Odyssey, or Gone With the Wind, or Lord of the Rings, our generation's most epic saga is that of and . The twists, the turns, the peril, the self-discovery, the epic conflict and struggle, the--okay, I know, I know. But seriously, I have to write about these two so often that I need to make it fun for myself somehow.

At this point, I kind of just want the pair of them to retreat to a secluded island off the coast of Borneo with no paparazzi or entertainment journalists reporting on them. A girl can dream...

But since this is still very much reality, I bring to you the news that Rob and Kristen, who are definitely back least in some capacity...might already be having trouble in paradise. Namely, that he's still seeing Dylan Penn on the side, and even taking her to Hawaii, which, of course, doesn't make Kristen happy. But, while we thought the news they were talking and texting constantly since tentatively rekindling the flame, could it be the very thing that is driving Rob away and making him want to keep his options open?

If you remember, back when they first broke up, one of the big issues that drove them apart was Kristen's constant neediness and dependency on Rob, which caused him to run for the hills. But now that he's opened the door again, could she be reverting back to her desperate ways? You have to think that, if they are kind of, sort of back together again, Rob made it clear he didn't want to be as serious as they had been right away, and you can't really blame him.

Tread lightly, Kristen.

(via The Stir)


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