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and have been surrounded by romance rumors for a while now and according to new reports, the pair have even secretly meeting up at top LA hotels.

In many ways, I guess it makes sense that the former Twilight lovebirds have been opting to hang out at fancy private hotels, away from the ever-seeking, ever-seeing paparazzi eye. But, on the other hand, the pressure of trying to keep everything so secretive could just be enough to destroy this possible reunion of souls.

TheGossipTable is reporting that Rob is worried about taking the relationship public at this point will make him look like a "punching bag" after his recent split. His fears wouldn't be totally unfounded. After all, KStew DID get caught canoodling with married Snow White and the Huntsman director back in 2012 and then took her back, only to find out that the pair couldn't sustain the relationship with RPattz's trust issues.

Still, I think what Rob needs to really understand is that if Kristen is the girl to make him happy, then that's all that matters. He shouldn't pander to media attention. Especially since she's vowed that she will go to any lengths to regain his trust. So, Rob and Kristen, if it's there - don't hide your love away. Don't keep putting so much pressure on yourselves to make things perfect. Just trust, chill, and hopefully everything will fall back into place...

What do you guys think? Should RPattz and KStew just try to do things more 'normally'?



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