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Abi Toll

Ok, my head is spinning.

Are they together? Are they not together? Are they seeing other people? Are they not seeing other people? Has she cheated on him?

And now the latest...has he cheated on her?

The hypertheticals are enough to turn the sanest person insane. Though now, according to The Stir, ' is cheating on '.

Here is the supposed situation according to The Stir:

Since the couple reportedly got back together, there are already rumors about him being unfaithful. And making things worse, Rob supposedly cheated with a sexy lady he was just linked to...during a party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood a few days ago.

Apparently 'the sexy lady' in question is Dylan Penn, 'a source told People':

The two chatted and flirted inside. They were a little cautious, making sure people noticed they did not come together.

Here's the 'love triptych' if you will:

You know what though...I'm just gonna put it out there. Perhaps it's still incredibly early days for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and they have come to an agreement which involves taking it slow.

Yes, R-Patz was spotted with an old flame, but they could just be very good friends now? Or maybe not. There's always the option of a non-monogamous relationship which they may have agreed on. What do you think?



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